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r/shroomstocks in a nutshell is a community of investors in the legal psychedelics industry. There is lots of great discussion happening here around the industry including AMAs from CEOs and other key figures in the industry! Our game Mush Rush was built in collaboration with the r/shroomstocks! Be sure to check out Mush Rush & the subreddit! 


Axiometric Games

A friendly neighbour to us, Axiometric Games specializes in games based on sacred geometry within the metaphysical and dystopian realms of reality. They have a few amazing titles in the works and one released called Boxio! Download link below!


Bad Apple Clothing

is a local Ontario based clothing brand & also a great friend! Spinning up some inspiring clothes in all kinds of styles, featuring familiar brands and using various materials to creating something truly unique every time! 



is an up and coming Twitch streamer & a great friend of ours! Streaming games like Rainbow Six & Star Craft! He also likes to stream his music among other things! 

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