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9 Cent DEVLOG #1

PROTOTYPES - A new phase

Welcome to the first official 9 Cent Devlog! I think it's finally time I open up a bit more deeply about my development process as a solo developer running this small time game studio from my home.

It's a busy job to keep up with everything on the technical sides while maintaining great quality and creativity both on all the different facets that make up this studio. Art and creativity are at the core of my mission with 9 Cent Games, so the actual act of game creation is only part piece of the puzzle.

The job of an independent game developer is much more than making games. Marketing & social media, growth strategies, niches... All if these things come into play. I also keep a consistent flow on non-game / artistic content in the form of 3D designs & renders that focus in on the side of digital art. One day I may need to scale up this operation sooner or later... But for now I make do on my own! Drop us a line if you're interested in becoming part of 9 Cent Games!

So, what am I doing now? The simple answer is CREATING! It's a new year, I just released a very competent update for the game Cyber Truck: Save the Globe, and now it's time to explore some new avenues!

Prototyping is the main focus on the development side right now. Brainstorming new ideas and testing them out in the most rapid way possible and iterating! In the last week, I've built out 3 separate prototypes in the sanctity of an empty unity project. Along side of course, the 9 Cent Framework which I'll talk more about in a later development log.

Prototype number 1 was just going back to basics, building ultra simple 3D platformer mechanics & making it feel tight! The goal is to reduce platformer controls down to a bare minimum & make it work great on touch screen.

Number 2 is an idea I've been cooking for a while around a game thats similar to the style of the popular mobile game Plague Inc with a completely different theme! I'm not gonna talk too much about the theme yet, I wanna keep this one a secret for now... :)

Prototype number 3 takes a narrative driven approach which is something I've never done before. The idea will be following an abstract story of the origins of the universe. Having players completing puzzles and challenges and solving the mystery woven deep into the narrative...

There's nothing visible to really show just yet, thou I will be sharing some development content on Instagram, @9centgames, very soon. The next step for me on this prototype journey will be planning what to do with these prototypes. Whether I decide to kill them or on continue expanding on the mechanics and further testing viability!

I'm looking forward to see what I'll be able to conjure up in the next couple weeks through these prototypes! Stay tuned here and on Instagram to keep up with us! New games, digital art, and creative content are on the way!

Thanks for reading!

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